​Services for the B2B segment

​A wide range of fastening materials in various types of packaging:





​in the sale of fastening material in retail chains in the „Do it yourself“ (DIY) segment

​  cardboard boxes
​  PET blisters
​  By piece/by weight

​Packaging of sets of fastening materials in PET punnets or PE bags according to customer requirements.

​Racks with fastening material for building supply stores, ironmongers, mixed goods shops and other retail outlets

​ ​  consignment sales
​  range of materials on racks according to demand from shop customers


​Sets for washbasin accessories, WC bowls, bidets and other sanitary ceramics

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​Za Žoskou 2709
288 02 Nymburk

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​Mon-Fri: 07:00-16:00

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​​BARTON Market servis s.r.o.
Za Žoskou 2709
288 02 NYMBURK

IČ: 25133691
DIČ: CZ25133691

​​Company management

Roman Bartoň

Company director

 ​+420 317 071 991


​Ing. Markéta Šimková

Sales manager

 ​+420 778 730 011


​​Martin Fof

​Production manager

 ​​+420 317 071 997


​Eva Krmenčíková

​​Administration manager

 ​+420 317 071 995


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